Many people ask why 'Crazy Rah?'

Well, once upon a time I was at art college and there were two Sarahs in our group of friends. It was decided that she would become 'Sar' and I would be 'Rah' and yes, she was the sensible one, whilst I was a little crazy. 

Let me tell you about my art...

If you had asked me in 2016 about my art I would have responded with "I am a printmaker - lino cutting is my poison. I love how I can control every aspect of the work I produce. My work explores my demons with food and my feelings of self worthlessness."

Today I will tell you "I am an artist with a passion for texture and spontaneity and, as much as I am a printmaker, I am also a painter. A painter that creates large, vivid, colourful, abstract paintings that explore a freedom that I have never had before with my art. I have put the food demons into a 'box' and they no longer consume my creative mind. I have found a way to express my love for life, my love of colour and my obsession with texture to become large, vivid, kaleidoscopic canvas of provocative texture."